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Suffolk County Criminal Courts
Where do I report for Court in Suffolk County?

The majority of new criminal cases will appear at the Suffolk County First District Court in Central Islip, also known as the Cohalan Court Complex. In the five largest Towns in Suffolk County, including Huntington, Babylon, Smithtown, Islip, and Brookhaven, most criminal cases are sent to the First District Court. There will be an initial arraignment where a defendant will enter a "plea", usually of not guilty and the matter will be rescheduled for a future conference with the Office of the Suffolk County District Attorney.

What if my criminal matter is a Felony?

Most Felony cases will begin in the Suffolk County First District Court with an initial arrest and arraingment. While the First District Court deals primairly with Misdemeanors, they also resolve some Felony cases. The majority of Indicted Felony cases are disposed of in the Suffolk County Criminal Court in Riverhead, also known as the Arthur M. Cromarty Court Building. After a case has been presented to a Grand Jury and there is an Indictment, the matter will be scheduled for an arraingment in front of a County Court Judge in Riverhead.

Are there other courts in Suffolk County?

Yes, there are many different types of courts. There are Village Courts in some towns in Suffolk County. These courts will hear both Felony and Misdemeanor charges, at least as far as the initial arrest and arraingment. Village Courts are designated to hear and dispose of Misdemeanors and Violations but not Felony charges which are referred to the Suffolk County Court for subsequent disposition. The Suffolk County District Court hears criminal matters that originate in the western towns, while the five towns in eastern Suffolk County have their own Town Justice Courts. These include the Southampton Court, the East Hampton Court and the Riverhead Town Court and the Southold Town Court. There is also the Department of Motor Vehicles Hearing Bureau at the Dennison Office Building in Hauppague which hears non-misdemeanor related traffic cases.

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