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If you have been arrested an need to appear in the Suffolk County First District Court in Central Islip , or any other court, our Suffolk County criminal defense lawyers can help. We are a dedicated team of criminal attorneys and DWI Lawyers in Suffolk County with the experience to guide you through what can only be a very difficult and confusing process.
All of our Suffolk County criminal defense attorneys are former Prosecutors in the Suffolk County District Attorney's office with years of experience handling complex criminal litigation, including Felony's, Misdemeanors and violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law. 
Most people recognize that if you are arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Suffolk County you will need the professional services of an attorney to protect your rights. However, it is also important to understand that there are many different types of lawyers with different practice areas.
Call us. Our Suffolk County criminal lawyers are available 24 hours for emergencies.
We can discuss your case with you over the phone or you can meet with one of our criminal defense attorneys in one of our convenient Suffolk County locations.
Our approach is direct. We begin by answering your questions about your Suffolk criminal or DWI case in an honest and straightforward manner. Quite simply, we firmly believe that by providing you with information you will feel more in control of a very difficult situation.



Having a Suffolk criminal and DWI attorney with a practice based in Suffolk County will give you the assurance you need to feel assured that your concerns are being addressed by criminal lawyers who really care about your future.

Recognizing that you could develope a permanant criminal record is reason enough to make sure that you have confidance that your criminal defense attorney in Suffolk is skilled at defending your type of case. Significantly, there is always the possibility that you could receive a jail sentence or hefty fines upon conviction.

If you have been charged with a DWI driving while intoxicated offense in Suffolk County, you already know the consequences can be serious. You could lose your license, lose your car and even your freedom. Driving while intoxicated in New York requires a special understanding of the Vehicle and Traffic laws. Our Suffolk County DWI lawyers have that experience and knowledge.



Once we understand what is involved in your Suffolk criminal case, we can the discuss with you how our "flat-fee" plan works and then tell you what it will cost to hire one of our Suffolk County criminal attorneys. With our flat fee, you will understand up-front exactly what it will cost for your legal fees to defend you in any Suffolk County Court.

It is just this kind of experience that sets our criminal attorneys in Suffolk County apart from other lawyers.

Additionally, each one of our Suffolk County criminal lawyers is required to attend continueing legal education courses in order that we stay on top of all innovative developments in the New York State Criminal and Procedure Law . We also require our Suffolk criminal attorneys to attend classes related to changes in the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws , particularly in relation to DWI driving while intoxicated regulations.

Our respected team of criminal and dwi attorneys in Suffolk County are prepared to assert each and every right guaranteed to you under our Constitution and legal system. With nearly fifty years of combined experience defending Suffolk County criminal matters, we have the knowledge and background to protect your rights. You deserve nothing less.